About Me


I’m a Johannesburg Born and raised “Afrikaanse meisie” that has lived my entire life in the concrete jungle and am grateful to be able to spend lots of time in Cape Town too.


I have, just like many of you experienced difficulties in life, when my only brother at a very young age suffered a brain injury from a motorcycle accident and has since then lived dependently on my guardian angels, my parents ever since. Who I am immensely grateful for and love with all of my heart and soul (family to me is EVERYTHING!) This very unfortunate situation has had a massive impact on my own outlook on life and how I perceive the world around me.


I strive to love, laugh as much as possible and live life to its fullest, always!! (please excuse the cliche) I’m a happily married, devoted wife and mommy of three beautiful blessings in my life for which I am so grateful for…I’m absolutely passionate about traveling and seeing as much of this beautiful world we live in, adore meeting interesting, authentic people and love indulging in all beautiful things like art, flowers, gorgeous places and spaces, and to enjoy delicious wines and meals with family and friends.. Life is so stressful and so serious most of the time after all ! I am seeing the beautiful, fun and happy side of living though my blogs and I hope you will too…


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