My Look Book – The Print

The Print Shirt

Anything can become a print and so there are an endless number of them that cannot all be classified. This is a good thing because, like unusual colours, unusual prints are statement items in themselves. An unusual print could be in a classic style and colouring but with an unusual theme (like this elephant print shirt, or perhaps planets, fish, toys etc..) or a classic theme with unusual colouring and/or positioning, such as fading-out characters , symbols or both. All of which makes it impossible to establish any kind of rule for these prints but I strongly advise you to explore with them and have fun, because they really can up your style stakes and are less difficult to wear than you think.

If you wear a print next to plain colour like I have in this look, it can either stand out or blend into your outfit. If you want to go for the second option, you should use a transition colour between the print and the and the colour items you are wearing by having one of the colours contained in the print for the plain fabric next to it. A wide variety of prints feature a background and a detail colour. In some cases it can be smart to pick out the detail colour as a match, whereas in others the background would be a better choice.

Detail colour your transition- Let’s imagine you own a printed dress that features large bright purple and red flowers on a pink background. You are looking for a cardigan or jacket to match. a Clever idea would be to match your cardigan or jacket in one of the flower colours – either purple or red or a flowery neighbouring shade of them. You should also choose those detail print colours for your accessories such as a belt, handbag, earrings, shoes or even a nail colour. Yesssss, I consider make-up an accessory.

How to choose your print:

Just like colour accents, prints are an easy way to break up monotony of a plain-coloured outfit to something fun and interesting. When choosing a print, you have two options; GO BOLD!! By using a crazy print on a large amount of fabric like a dress or REMAIN DISCREET by using either understated prints or bold ones but in moderation or on smaller garments like a shirt or scarf. Daring prints can be worn perfectly on an accessory as a lively pop, or on a large piece as I mentioned before to make a statement. I would qualify “daring prints” as those that feature more than bold colours, large patterns or contrasting patterns. Prints may be considered a wardrobe basic or an accessory/statement piece and they definitely help spice up your staples so have fun experimenting with them and last but not least, there is a print for everyone, no matter their shape, so don’t stay away from prints for the wrong reasons. HAVE FUN with your wardrobe and be adventurous ladies..



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