She’s Effortless..


Why is everyone always making such a fuss about the Parisian Style? Do they really have that mysterious “je ne sais quoi?”

OUI, yes they do!! It doesn’t mean that they are the most stylish woman in the world (OKAY, perhaps they are…), but dressing “like a Parisian” is an actual thing that we cannot deny still exists in this globalized world where each town seems to have been conquered by the same big fashion brands.

Yet, you don’t need to be in France or Paris to dress like a Parisian and not all Parisians dress like one. Dressing like a Parisian is an attitude! It might be something you were born with, or like myself something you learned, and let me just add it is never too late to acquire this “je ne sais quoi” at any age or stage in your life. Over the next few months I am going to share more on how you too can wear this mysterious style with grace and little effort.

Speaking of EFFORTLESSNES, the Parisian is famous for her ability to ooze this ability of “I woke up like this”. Yes, I know what you are thinking. Easier said than done, and not everyone is able to achieve and everyday Parisian effortless style with ease and it is definitely not so easy. It’s not always so easy for everyone to throw on some perfect, basic clothing, stunning accessories and an optional statement piece, not overdo the hair, apply a bold lipstick and “VOILA’!! The truth is, the effort to achieve this effortless look every day is to make the effort a long time ago when actually buying the clothes. Here’s the secret and key: Invest time in finding the basics and statement clothes that are ideal for you, your body type and skin tone, to buy wonderful accessories, that amazing lipstick shade that makes you glow and, and as for the hair- well lets leave that for another blog post to share more.

The fact that dressing like a Parisian can be achieved quickly doesn’t mean everyone will be ready in a few seconds. La Parisian, is always aiming to impress her peers with more creative styles, and therefor may change several times before going to a cocktail party, dinner or function. We need to all learn and acquire how to be creatures of contrast, but ultimately still end up looking natural, with sophisticated style, making us all believe that it was so easy for you. I am excited to guide you and INSPIRE you to achieve this and ultimately help you discovered your best and most stylish version of yourself, so stay tuned to my blogs and posts on my Instagram @livinginspired__ over the next few months. I hope you are all as excited as I am.



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Living Inspired is a fashion, beauty and travel blog to inspire woman with latest products, anti-aging treatments and fashion trends curated by Tanya Solomon, based in Johannesburg South Africa.

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