The MUST-HAVE White Suit

Hey everyone, it’s been a while!! A while since I’ve actually written and posted a blog post. The end of last year just got the better of me, and life (as it gets at times) became chaotic and frantic. But hey, I’m back and excited to share some new and inspiring content with all of you. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best, prosperous and blessed wishes for the New Year ahead. I really do hope that you are all infused with great aspiration and good intentions to make this year count. Make it yours!! Do you, and be YOU!! You are great, just the way that you are!! 

Ok, so back to “The Must-have essential white suit” and I truly believe that this classy, elegant and sophisticated suit should own permanent real estate place in your cupboard hanger space. It’s a timeless piece, and it’s here to stay!

This year, next year and every year after that. It’s womanly and it’s strong! Its sophisticated, yet feminine and sexy. It mean business, all year, every season.

For any bold and seriously on-trend take on an all-white style, wearing a white suit is perfect. The striking look is one that always appears on many street style stars and is well worth a try. All you need to do is pick the right type of suit for your style and the occasion. Perhaps you want to wear a smart, fitted suit for a formal or business event? Or, maybe, you like the bold and masculine look of an oversized, pinstripe style? Whatever you choose, just remember to wear it with pure confidence.

When it comes to creating a chic and statement-making look, an all-white ensemble is a perfect option. Especially an all white suit. Taking minimal to the maximum in the best of ways, head-to-toe white is a simultaneously understated and bold style. As such, it can suit almost any occasion, including formal and casual events. Likewise, white also works for all seasons, appearing light in summer and luxurious in winter. So, why get bogged down in black when you could be rocking glorious white? All you need to pull off the look is a little inspiration. Here are my two favorite selections of the best all-white suit looks ideas for women:


We all know a thing or two about a well-made suit, and that it doesn’t necessarily have to fit like a glove, yet, you want to be gazed upon the ensemble in all its perfectly-tailored glory with childlike wonder. Although this stylish suit comes in all sorts of styles and designs, it has equally as much of an impact in making a statement, whether you prefer the single, or double-breasted blazer and perfectly tailored cut trouser suit-set, or a more casual, and easy to wear style as I am wearing in either of these pics.


I love my white suits and could easily buy a second one, in the same style or in several different styles and alternate wearing them every other day for the next four months solid… Despite wearing the jacket and pants together as a full suit in today’s photos, my mind is swimming with the styling possibilities of each piece on its own. For a casual summer day at the office, I look forward to pairing the white blazer with jeans and a favorite tee. I can also see it looking ultra chic with cut-off shorts or a mini skirt for dinner with girlfriends or Sunday brunch. And as for the pants? The possibilities are similarly endless. There are a few things in my closet that I’ll wear more frequently this summer, but as a creature of habit, and as expected, I have been wearing my white suits at least 985 times this past season, and will definitely enjoy it again and again in many more seasons to come!

I hope that I’ve inspired you to acquire your very own all-white suit, and if you already have one, contemplate perhaps buying the next one in another style. I assure you will get great use from it, and be admired by many! Wishing you all a fabulous #2019 and all you wish for and dream about. May it all come true!!


Much Love

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