I’ve just returned from a beautiful and unforgettable trip to France, where I spent a lovely week of bonding with my teenage son, soaking up the European summer sun and indulging in everything the French culture had to offer. I stayed in Cannes, but explored other nearby areas, Antibes, Juan-les-Pins, Nice, as well as Grasse, the Perfume capital of the world.  In this post I would like to share more on the perfume factory I went to visit and absolutely loved.



Jean de GALIMARD lived in GRASSE in 1747 where he created PARFUMERIE GALIMARD. Founder of the corporation of Glovemakers and Perfumers. Jean supplied the court of Louis, the well-beloved, King of France, with olive oil, pomades and perfumes from which he developed the first formulas. Since perfume was used to scent the fashionable gloves, the industries literally grew together hand in hand.

Jean de Galimard was Lord of SERANON and related to the Count of Thorenc. For over 266 years, PARFUMERIE GALIMARD has been following the same traditions as its renowned founder and currently uses the very processes which made its name famous.

As in the past, their source is the natural resources of Grasse:  jasmine, rose, lavender, orange flower, and tuberose…all from which we obtain our rich scents. Only the use of traditional methods can guarantee the material’s incomparable fine quality.

You simply have to visit to discover the secrets of perfume and the traditional processes of making it during a free guided visit of the factory in GRASSE as well as their branch in EZE-VILLAGE.


Create your own perfume at “Le Studio des Fragrances”.

Galimard recently opened the door to the Mysterious Art of Parfum which had always been closed to the public. Experience the magic of the parfum creation with the experts. You have no doubt dreamed of the day you would find your own personal fragrance. One scent that is exclusively your signature brand. The scents and smells that will remind you of fond memories like people, places and things which seduced you or continue to seduce you. A scent uniquely ‘you’, – one that will distinguish you and your personal fashion or style.

In their “Studio des Fragrances,” their “Nose” will transform you into a creator of perfume. Galimard has been the pioneer and recognized leader in this art since launching its first Studio des Fragrances in 1997.

You will discover the different base products and techniques combined to create your own personal fragrance using over 127 notes. Their nose will explain to you the architecture of a good perfume, that is Top Note (peak note), Middle Note (heart note), and Base Note (fond note).  The experts will evaluate your unique olfactory sensitivities and explain the classifications of the large families of scents along with their typical components. Then, he or she will conclude by describing the basic principles of achieving a harmonious, round formula. You will then be free to execute your concept and follow your imagination for your own perfume. You will be able to choose to create a fragrance for Women, Men, or unisex. Then, you will take your creation home in a personalized perfume bottle with the name you have chosen for your design. Each of these newly created perfumes or formulas will be kept on file for you to re-order. Also ask about creating a layered line of personalized products such as body cream and shower gel.

Now, if this isn’t the ultimate in a luxury and bespoke, exclusive experience then I don’t know what is! So go on and start planning your next trip to France, and make sure to stop off in Grasse to create your very own personal fragrance, unique to ONLY YOU!!

“Perfume is the indispensable compliment to the personality of a woman, the finishing touch on a dress.” CHRISTIAN DIOR


Much Love,
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