In 2018, LES BEIGES reinvents nude style that plays by its own rules.

The complexion becomes sheer, revealing the texture of the skin; natural colours blush atop cheekbones and lips to bring out radiance and heighten a natural healthy glow, while eyes are barely swept with a tinted breeze…

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CHANEL: Cruise 2018/19 Show

It was on a larger-than-life voyage that Karl Lagerfeld invited his guests this Thursday, 3rd May 2018. Beneath the nave of the Grand Palais transformed into a cruise ship terminal, the La Pausa liner docked for the duration of a runway show…

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CHANEL Hydra Beauty Micro Liquid Essence & Overnight Camellia Mask

Finally a skincare product that takes into account long days, short nights and that will protect the skin from harsh pollution but also counter-act dryness from air conditioning, combat fatigue and regain energy! But let me warn you, you are going to be tempted and eager to apply this product every day – especially when […]

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