Hey guys! So here I find myself -doing my very first detox/cleanse ever. “Why would you,” you’d ask? Well, I needed to ask myself that, as well.  I know a lot of people have been doing it for sometime now, and some people do it regularly and are well aware of all the benefits of it, but this is all new to me. And I’m wondering why, in fact  it’s taken me this long to do it myself.

The past three years has been the most stressful time I’ve ever had to experience and life gave me tremendous challenges to deal with in my personal life; with a severely depressed and sick father who had many obstacles of his own that life dealt him, and as you all know finally got the better of him and he parted with this world a mere three months ago. Which had left an eternal void in my life, and…

I don’t want to go into my personal feeling and experience about this all right now, but being a super positive  and highly enthusiastic person always, I suddenly found myself feeling terribly “sick” and not feeling so well, for quite sometime now. After many doctors visits and tests, I very recently realized that I am in fact keeping all my emotions and feelings bottled up inside me which has made me ultimately and has most likely contributed to the way that I have been feeling. Clearly it was time for a change! Time to feel well again, and time to invest something good for myself and spoil myself with the gift of “WELLBEING” so, a detox/cleanse seemed like the obvious thing to do.

Detoxification is one of the best holistic ways to keep your mind and body healthy, from easing unexplained headaches or back pain to aiding memory loss, strengthening brittle nails and hair, defending your body against allergic reactions, and flushing dangerous chemicals out of your system.

Another benefit of detoxing is liver, kidney, and blood purification that wouldn’t occur on a regular diet. When the immune system gets stimulated, the hormonal system experiences a boost too, reducing the body’s dependency on substances such as sugar, caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol (AKA our biggest frenemies in the health realm).


I’ve been given the opportunity by JUICED CO. to do their 5-day Detox/Cleanse program and I am looking forward to experiencing my very first detox/cleanse. Find out more about their products/Range.


Here’s to a Healthy Life and being mindful, always!! Appreciate your body, appreciate YOURSELF, as well as your mind!

Much Love,
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