Clarins – 8th Generation of Double Serum


The Best, Just got Better! Clarins goes even further in stimulating the skins 5 viral functions and decodes the language of youthful skin:

To Stimulate the skin’s 5 viral functions, the New Double Serum
‘Decodes’ the skins youthful language… Here’s how:

Reinforced cellular expression..
All of Clarins most recent plant discoveries are included in the new Double Serum for an optimal impact on the skin’s 5 viral functions.

Optimize cellular ‘listening’, naturally..
Clarins Laboratories selected the highest performing ingredient to protect the cells’ ‘listening system’ (lipid microdomains) and maintain cellular receptivity: turmeric extract is highly concentrated in turmerone, a Bio-inspired vegetal discovery.


TURMERIC: The Hottest and Trendiest Spice in Beauty care right now is; One of the STAR ingredients in the New Double Serum!


This is the 8th Generation of an unequalled double formula.
The bio-inspired, highly concentrated, unique double formula delivers age-control benefits in a wonderfully sensorial texture.
Clarins Motto: “DO MORE, DO BETTER AND ENJOY DOING SO” has never been truer.


Woman adore Double Serum and you will love this one too!

Clarins formulators worked on two different formulas for the new Double Serum not only to meet woman’s anti-aging needs worldwide but also to be as cutting edge as possible in term of sensorially.

Use the Double Serum and mix a few drops with the Everlasting Foundation to achieve the perfectly primed look for instant SMOOTHER SKIN with HYDRATION & RADIANCE which allows for the foundation to be long wearing all day and all night.


So basically, but also most importantly, you can use the Double Serum as a makeup primer . A good serum can fight wrinkles, fade dark spots and hydrate your skin to boot. A lot of primers make you the same sweet promises, too but they don’t have enough skincare goodies to deliver. So, in theory, using a serum as a primer seems to make a lot of sense. You’re saving money and time in the morning, but getting double benefits.

Hope you all enjoy this fabulous new Serum and Foundation as much as I am enjoying it!


Much Love,
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