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Lots of girls have been asking me to share my “secrets” on what I do to keep in shape. So here goes – The Secret is… Keeping in shape and more importantly, keeping healthy is no potion, lotion or magic pill.. it is in fact, actually working out (regularly) and eating sensibly!! And that’s the secret!

The truth is, I am getting closer and closer to 40 (ohhh good lord, just writing that number send shivers down my spine.. haha!!) and being a mommy of three kids, the pouch around my belly, wings over my trouser top and bum refusing to firm up, no matter how much target training I do, is becoming more and more of a struggle and impossible task, but I do not want to resort to surgery either!

So my biggest LUCK and saving grace is that I don’t have a sweet tooth, although I enjoy wine and get more than my sugar allowance from my wine intake and socializing and entertainment remains a calorie challenge.

So what does eating sensibly mean to me…. 

I love eating three proper meals a day and do not “snack” in between meals. These meals consist of protein, vegetables and salad. I love carbs but I try to eat them during the day and as little as possible at night. On the days that I may feel like my sugar levels are low, I like snacking on fresh berries, almonds, green apples (with an almond butter dip) or a small plain yogurt. I only drink still water and very seldom will I ever have juices or fizzy drinks. I love my cappuccino’s (one or two a day will suffice), tea and herbal teas but do not have any sugar or sweetener with it – only milk.

My weekly training consists of 3/4 times per week, one hour sessions of either yoga, barre body classes, weight training or cardio. I mix it up every week and do not ever do the same thing. I also love keeping active on weekends and love playing golf – yes I play off a 16 handicap (well that is the last time I checked, because I used to play twice a week religiously, but I’ve become so lazy!!! Note to self: Get back to golf Tanya!)

So here is a very brief summary of what Tanya loves to eat and does to stay in shape! I would love to elaborate more on meals and exercise regimes at a later stage, but what I would like to tell you all and I feel this message is way more important than what I eat or do… is that if you are blessed with good health, please use it and don’t waste it because you will lose it!!! It’s a privilege and a honor to be healthy and to be able to train and be active! It boosts your mood, makes you feel good, so then you will automatically think that you already look good! Please feel free to mail me with any questions, although I’m definitely not qualified in nutrition – I can definitely try and encourage or share my thoughts with you.

Keep Living Inspired and Be Healthy! Stay blessed..

Much Love,

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