Read My Lips

Red lipstick has had a surprising tumultuous history, dating back as far as 5000 years (now that’s a rather interesting fact!) It may be one of the most powerful symbols of female beauty and sexuality in the western world to-date, especially with the power it yields for that perfect scarlet pout!

Asking a few of my friends prominent gentleman hubbies about their views on their ladies wearing red hot lips; and here’s what they’ve got to say:

Janez Vermeiren –  “I’m not the biggest fan of her wearing red lipstick on a daily basis as for me personally I find her the most beautiful all natural and the lipstick tends to distract 🙂 But for a night out wearing a nice cocktail dress and some sexy lingerie I’m all eyes”

Chris Catroulis – “Red lipstick reminds me of classic movie stars & represents the ultimate in femininity. The look is bold & ensures that Vanessa stands out…I love a beautiful mouth, full lips & gorgeous teeth : red lipstick enhances that. Red lips will always be sexy”

Romeo Kumalo – His comment was too red hot for publication.. #TrueStory

Nicky van der Walt – “In general I’m not a big fan of make up, my wife is at her most beautiful every morning when she wakes up and I tell her that every morning. Growing up my mother loved Coco Chanel and my mom took and still takes impeccable care of her nails. She often wore red nail polish, so for me growing up, my mother set the tone of elegance and glamour.
Although my wife doesn’t need make up , when she does wear make up she usually wears red lipstick and she looks absolutely breathtaking. Lee-Ann wears an amazing red lipstick from Coco Chanel, Rouge Coco…. whenever I travel or have the chance, I’ll buy it for her. I think red lipstick and red nail polish are extremely powerful , elegant, sexy, glamorous and timeless – just like Lee-Ann is. My favorite look on her is when she dresses in all black with red lipstick, red nail polish and a pair of Christian Louboutin heels with the matching red sole….epitome of sexy.”

Most of the most glamourous women in the world prefer red lipstick – Monica Belluci, Sophia Loren to name but two. It is the perfect compliment to a beautiful face”

The Perfect Lip Tip:

1. Begin by moisturizing your lips with a clear balm. Do your eye make-up and then wipe it off, before applying lip color.
2. Next, apply a lip stain. That way if your bold lip colour fades, you’ll have a natural hint of colour.
3. For precise application, use a fine lip brush to apply your lipstick. With bold red colors, it’s wise to stick to your natural lip shape, rather than extend the colour beyond your actual lip.
4. Travel with your scarlet lip shade, and be ready for quick reapplies.

My Favorite Red Lip Shades:

Chanel – Rouge Allure Luminous Satin in PIRATE

NARS – Nars Semi Matte in HEAT WAVE.

Tom Ford – Lip Color in Cherry Lush.

Mac Cosmetics – Lipstick in RUBY WOO.

Dior – Rouge Dior in TRAFALGAR.


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